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I, Morbid Romantic

Edward Scissorhands OST

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands OST

Full Album Download: Edward Scissorhands OST (.rar)

1. Introduction (Titles) mp3 audio clip
2. Storytime mp3 audio clip
3. Castle On The Hill
4. Beautiful New World/Home Sweet Home
5. The Cookie Factory
6. Ballet De Suburbia (suite)
7. Ice Dance mp3 audio clip
8. Etiquette Lesson
9. Edward The Barber mp3 audio clip
10. Esmeralda
11. Death mp3 audio clip
12. The Tide Turns Suite
13. The Final Confrontation
14. Farewell...
15. The Grand Finale
16. The End
17. With These Hands - Tom Jones

Full Album Download: Edward Scissorhands OST (.rar)
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