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xburntofferings's Journal

Burnt Offerings
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For the sharing, requesting, posting of media related to my fansites

Due to adsense regulations, I have removed all of the copyright content from my various sites. That is why here, I will post all of my media so that it can still be shared without having to worry about suspension or anything. This is my way of still sharing the wonderful things that I have without having to worry!

  1. You must join to request media, but feel free to download. A comment when you do would be nice. :)

  2. You must be a member to request media.

  3. Please, check tags and memories to see if something is already uploaded. If you request something that is up, you will be directed to the correct entry with the already uploaded file.

  4. If you request something that is not already uploaded, please wait 24-48 hours for it.

  5. If I don't have it, I can't give it!

  6. No requesting Dir en grey, Iceman, access, or Asakura Daisuke!

Requesting is easy. Of course, I want everyone to check tags and entries to see if what they want is already uploaded. I won't go through and reupload things over and over again unless a previous download is expired.

  1. Join!

  2. View this entry to see what I have to offer.

  3. View the Tags and/or Memories for what is already uploaded.

  4. Post a request in this thread for what you want using the name of the series/show/band and then your song title or clips request, etc.

  5. You can request up to two files at a time. Anything past two will be ignored. :)